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Things To Consider

Major trends in bathroom design includes marble countertops

Available Amenities
Bathrooms have seen the most dramatic change in both concept and design of any room in the house. The spacious and sprawling bathrooms of today include many amenities that were just not available to the general public ten years ago. For example, bathrooms may now include large whirlpool tubs with separate showers; toilets and possibly bidets in their own, separate room; double marble countertop or two separate marble countertops; heated tile floors; heated towel bars; deep and stylish medicine cabinets that provide lots of storage; halogen lighting; hand sprays (personal showers); and dedicated make-up areas.

Increasing Room Size
A significant trend in today′s bathroom design is to make the room larger, especially the master bath. This usually involves borrowing space from an adjacent closet or bedroom to expand beyond the typical 5′ x 7′ room of the past. It′s not uncommon for homeowners, especially those with smaller families, to sacrifice a spare or guest bedroom to create a "master retreat," complete with a large, luxurious bath and a spacious walk-in closet (or even his and hers closets).

Use of Higher Quality Materials
A final trend is the desire for products of better quality that will last. Many people have been burned in the past with a bathroom renovation that didn′t hold up after a few years. In some cases, this caused leaks that resulted in costly repairs to other parts of the house. To avoid this situation, people today are willing to spend more for a better quality, long-lasting product. Hand in hand with this is the fact that people today have less time for home repair and maintenance. "Easy maintenance" and "better quality" are words I hear over and over from my customers.

There are a lot of things that can be made out of natural stone.

Marble City Company specializes in marble and granite - two examples of the most reliable, beautiful and sophisticated stones nature gives us. We recommend marble and granite because we know that such products as fireplaces, stairs, floors, walls and accessories in different rooms like bathrooms or kitchens (at home or any other surroundings) give exceptional elegance, longevity and style. The combination of Italian design and marble/granite will provide the excellent look for your home or business. The natural stone will fill your place with luxury and upgrade your home. The best out of all is that the price of your home will keep growing thanks to investment into marble and granite. If you are interested in investing into your home, in making it more fine-looking and classy with marble/granite custom made artifacts you can special order any product by contacting us. Here′re some examples of granite and marble made artifacts that we can make for your. Left click on an image to view its larger size.

Production of the marble & granite artifacts

The fabrication of the products from natural stones consists of few steps. It′s a complicated process by nature but modern technology makes it affordable and easy. First, any natural stone is extracted from the quarry - this way the natural stone blocks are produced. The sizes of the blocks vary up to more than 16′ x 16′ with weight exceeding 200+ tons. Once the blocks are extracted from the quarry they are shipped to the slab fabricators. The slab fabricators use special saws to cut the marble or granite blocks into the slabs. The next step is the polishing of the slabs, also done by the fabricators. After the slabs are polished they are shipped to the suppliers. That is where our customers go to choose the slabs they need for their marble or granite products. Once the slab is selected it′s again delivered to the final fabricator who in turn does the final preparation and installation.