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Using Granite Kitchen Counter Tops

Nowadays, granite kitchen counter tops are synonymous with quality and style in the kitchen. This is largely due to the fact that granite kitchen counter tops are among the most expensive counter tops you can buy; when you combined this with the fact that granite is highly durable and beautiful looking you have a winning combination. If you are a serious cook or if you just want the best in life then a granite kitchen counter top makes the perfect choice.

Now since granite is a natural material you are rather limited to what colors you can select. However it is worth saying that you should be able to find the color of granite which will match perfectly with the rest of your kitchen. Granite comes in shades that include black, brown, green, blue and red, so it should work with your dйcor.

When it comes to the durability of granite kitchen counter tops, well you can't find much better than granite, except maybe diamond. Granite kitchen counter tops are ideal for those who love to host dinner parties because they are extremely heat-resistant, which means that you can place hot pans directly onto it without the fear of it blistering.

The great news about kitchen counter tops is that granite has never been more affordable as prices have been falling over the last ten years due to more efficient manufacturing and increased demand. In saying that, granite will still be more expensive than most other materials, with prices starting at $60 per square foot. If you are the sort of person that likes to save money through DIY, and unless you have plenty of experience fitting this type of kitchen counter top, you had better leave the installation to the professionals. Although granite is highly durable, you will need to be aware that in order to keep it looking at its best, you will need to seal from time to time.

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