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The kitchen counterop choices of today

There are a lot of choices when it comes to kitchen countertops, aside from how they will compliment the rest of the dйcor. The durability, style and cost of various kitchen countertop materials all factor into the choice. There are many different kitchen countertop materials to choose from today, and each type has many different patterns and colors to offer. Other important elements to consider when choosing kitchen countertops are resistance to heat and water, smooth surfaces, and opposition to chipping and cracking.

Granite countertops are probably the most sought after kitchen countertop in modern homes. There are many colors and patterns that granite countertops come in, and they are all natural because it is a geological stone. These make good kitchen countertops because they are extremely hard, tough, durable and pretty hard to stain or crack. Granite countertops are also chemical, heat and water resistant; and not to mention beautiful. The only drawback is that granite countertops are expensive, but they should be thought of as an investment.

Marble countertops are also beautiful and good for food preparation, but they are a bit more sensitive. The sensitive nature of marble countertops make them a bit easier to scratch or stain, and they also react badly to chemical substances. There is nothing that compares to the beautiful natural swirling patterns of marble countertops, though. Marble countertops are often used sparingly in central areas of the kitchen to add the look, without spending the money that it would cost to outfit the whole kitchen.

One of the less expensive kitchen countertop choices is ceramic tile, which comes in any size, shape and color imaginable. Some homeowners find ceramic tile kitchen countertops attractive, and they are durable, stain, water and heat resistant and practically scratch proof. Ceramic tile kitchen countertops need frequent cleaning, though, because grouting easily gathers dirt, which is not desirable in a kitchen. Cleaning the grout is both time-consuming and tiresome, and ceramic tile kitchen countertops are prone to chipping and cracking. Ceramic tiles fare well on most counts, but its major drawback makes it an impractical solution for kitchen use.

Another more budget friendly kitchen countertop material is Corian, which is made using acrylic and/or polyester plastic. They come in many different colors and designs, including granite look-alikes, and they are available in a matte or glossy finish. Corian kitchen countertops are water-resistant, do not usually stain and are easy to clean. A Corian kitchen countertop is also unaffected by chemical use in cleaning agents, and is repairable. Corian is not heat resistant, though. Placing hot pans on one of these kitchen countertops damages the surface beyond repair. It is expensive, and scratches easily, though the scratches can be removed through repair.

There are also many other types of kitchen countertop materials on the market, including wood, concrete and Formica. Most design experts agree that marble countertops are the best choice, for their durability and beauty, but there are many other nice options available.