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The Different Colors Of Granite Counter Tops

A granite countertop is probably the best choice for a kitchen counter in a new home. The stone is extremely durable and has lot of aesthetic appeal. The characteristic warmth and beauty of granite slabs make it perfect for livening up any room.

Granite is made from molten rock, mixed with a variety of minerals and hardened over time. It is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The choice of granite for a kitchen countertop depends on the individual's budget as well as well as the quantities required.

The most commonly used slabs of granite for kitchen countertops are shades of brown and beige. The advantage of picking out a granite kitchen countertop in these colors is that they give the kitchen a look of sophistication. In addition these natural colors fit in with all looks and colors. So, an individual does not have to change too much in the kitchen.

Natural colored granite slabs are help in making a kitchen look larger. These should be used in small kitchens. Brown colored granite slabs are a great choice in homes where the flooring is dark colored. The light beige granite kitchen countertops set off deep colored tiles.

Black granite kitchen countertops are always popular as they are a picture of elegance. Granite slabs in this color are available in fine solid black as well as black with interesting patterns made by stones, crystals and striations.

Black granite slabs for the kitchen countertops are usually more expensive than the natural colored slabs.

Maroon or red colored granite kitchen countertops are also favorites among most home owners. It is one of the most expensive granite countertop materials, however it is a great choice for kitchens. A red granite kitchen countertop against light colored walls can make the countertop the focal point of the room.

Blue granite is fast becoming a favorite among designers and homeowners. This is because blue granite kitchen countertops work well with almost all home decors. In addition, it works well with practically any home decor - indoor plants, wooden cabinets, stone sinks and glass dividers.

Green is probably the least popular among the granite slabs to be used for kitchen countertops. It comes in various shades, from pale sea green to deep bottle green, and also a wide range of patterns.

Home owners who are looking to buy granite slabs for their kitchens should see some large samples instead of choosing from the small swatches in catalogues. This way a homeowner can check for flaws in the granite slabs.