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The classic beauty of marble throughout the ages

Just what is the mysterious substance known as marble? Most people know that marble countertops, floors, mantels and other home surfaces are common uses for the material. Marble is a natural stone that is most commonly seen in shades of white and gray, with unique swirling covering the surface. A marble countertop or floor can come in different shades, too, such as black, blue or pink. Marble is so much more than that a home decorating choice, though.

Marble countertops are made from a naturally occurring substance in the Earth’s core. Real marble is made of limestone or dolomite that has been exposed to high levels of heat or pressure. The limestone or dolomite forms calcite or dolomite crystals that are usable for countertops, flooring, trim, works of art and even paperweights. Before the material can be used to make a marble countertop or floor out of it must be polished, though. Without this important step, the marble countertop or floor will not shine like people want it to. 

People love marble countertops now, and they have loved using marble in architecture and design for centuries. There have been sculptures found from ancient Greek cultures made from marble , and it was used to build the finer buildings in their cities. Marble countertops, floors and walls were common in ancient Roman cities, as well. This is why marble is such a classic choice for home designs, since it has actually been used since the classic periods.

People use marble in many of the same uses today that they did in ancient times, although it may not be used in sculpture quite as often. Countertops are one of the most common uses for marble , but floors, pillars, stair cases, colonnades, paneling, and facing stones are other common uses for marble . Marble can’t be used outdoors, though, since water would corrode its crystalline structure. It is also very smooth and therefore tends to be slippery, which makes it unfavorable to use in high traffic flooring and favorable for use as countertops.

One of the most beautiful stones in the world is undoubtedly the marble stone; with a highly polished smooth face and a wide variety of colors. These various colors come about due to impurities, such as iron or carbon, which get caught in the marble structure during its formation. Impurities often appear in stripes which makes the marble countertops very beautiful.

All of these properties make marble suited to some of the more delicate arts and home designs. Marble can be crafted into beautiful home furnishings, and it has been the material used in many of the most beautiful and timeless sculptures throughout history. Marble is one of the most beautiful, elegant and historically prevalent stones that can be used. From countertops to statues, it’s always a solid choice.