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Some choices for installing custom countertops




Kitchen counter installation can drastically change the look and feel of this all-important room in the home. People often prefer custom countertops because they can make the most of the available space in their kitchens and have the largest amount of counter space possible. Custom countertops may be the place to spend the most money in a kitchen remodeling project, because they have the most dramatic effect on the look and value of the home. There are many different types of custom countertops to choose from, though, depending on the desired look.

Custom granite countertops may just be the most popular choice in today’s design world. Custom granite countertops are very durable, look great, and they also clean up pretty easily. The only drawbacks with custom granite countertops are that they must be regularly sealed and polished so they continue to look good. Soapstone custom countertops are another natural stone option. These are very a beautiful choice, and they don’t stain. Hot pans are also not a problem for those who choose this type of kitchen counter installation. Homeowners do, however need to seal them with mineral oil, and they are more likely to be scratched than granite.

Lava stone custom countertops are yet another natural stone choice. They can resist water damage, scratches, and hot pans, but lava stone custom countertops can be hard to find and they are very expensive. There are also choices for kitchen counter installation that are as solid as natural stone but not as rare and expensive. Solid Surface custom countertops come in many different patterns and colors and they are durable, easy to clean, and easily conformed to the shape of any sink. They can also look similar to custom granite countertops in some cases, but homeowners must be careful with their hot pots and pans.

Ceramic tile custom countertops are one of the least expensive and attractive options for kitchen counter installation, and homeowners may even be able to do it themselves. These custom countertops can be easily installed in any pattern the homeowner chooses, and they come in lots of colors and designs. They are heat resistant and easy to clean, but ceramic tile custom countertops can be a tough surface to chop on and they can crack or chip.

Stains are not a problem with stainless steel custom countertops, though,. and they can take high temperatures without damage. The kitchen counter installation has to be completed very carefully with stainless steel, though, because if they are not extremely well supported they can dent. They also are prone to scratches and nicks. The final option for kitchen counter installation to be discussed here is butcher block custom countertops, which give the kitchen a warm feeling and can be ridded of any scratches with sandpaper. Homeowners must use vegetable oil regularly to treat the wood, though, and too much water exposure can stain and rot the custom countertops.