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Natural stone kitchen countertops are a solid choice

The most sumptuous material in kitchen countertops is natural stone, with marble and granite countertops at the top of the list. The look and dependability of natural stone kitchen countertops cannot be surpassed, which is why they cost a bit more than other materials. The cost of installing kitchen countertops made of natural stone may be more, but the worth they add to a home’s resale value makes the cost worthwhile.

Marble kitchen countertops have long been associated with the homes of the rich and famous, but it is now a bit more common than that. The material of marble kitchen countertops is made from limestone that has been heated until it re-crystallizes. Marble kitchen countertops are much more durable than limestone as a result of the heating process. Marble kitchen countertops do, however, stain much more easily than manmade materials, but this is to be expected with natural stone. 

Luckily, stains in marble kitchen countertops can be removed, but it should be done by a professional. Marble kitchen countertops are available in a wide variety of colors and natural designs. Consumers should be aware, though, that some marble kitchen countertops have more natural designs than others. The natural stone of marble kitchen countertops is generally very smooth and can be very dangerous when wet, which cab become a problem when people use the material for flooring.


Granite kitchen countertops are also a natural stone that has been produced by the Earth for ages, and they are quarried from underground. The stones used for granite kitchen countertops are porous volcanic rocks, so they are susceptible to staining. Granite kitchen countertops are very durable, though, and professional cleaners can remove most of the stains. Granite comes in a variety of different natural colors, often with many in one slab of stone, such as blues, browns, grays, reds and shades of black.   

Limestone is another natural stone option for consumers interested in installing kitchen countertops, but it is definitely not as durable as marble and granite kitchen countertops. Limestone usually comes in yellow shades, and it is also a porous material that can stain easily. Limestone kitchen countertops may also be found in shades of black, brown, cream and gray. Limestone has varying levels of stiffness, so it is not as reliable for kitchen use.

Natural stone kitchen countertops, especially marble and granite kitchen countertops, are undeniably the premiere choice in kitchen design. When choosing natural stone for installing kitchen countertops, consumers really should do an assessment of their wants and needs, though. It is not cheap, and most natural stone kitchen countertops require a lot of maintenance.