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Keeping A Marble Countertop For Decades

The way to maintain the advantage in real estate value that marble tops provide is by keeping the surface of the marble free from scratches and stains.

By following a sensible routine of maintenance, marble tops can be maintained in their pristine beauty for years and even decades. The first step to having a health kitchen countertop is by following a schedule of daily maintenance.

Daily maintenance is the easiest least expensive way to maintain a marble countertop . Homeowners need to wipe down the surface of the countertop with a damp towel. A mild dishwashing detergent can also be used to keep the surface clean, however, homeowners need to remember not to allow the soap scum to sit on the marble for too long as this will result in a dulling of the marble.

Frequent cleaning will help prevent dirt and debris from getting stuck on the surface of the marble countertop. However, while cleaning the surface, homeowners need to be careful not to use harsh detergents or rough scrubbing pads. Both of these will cause scratches on the surface of the marble top.

To maintain the marble countertop at its best, homeowners need to make sure to blot out and clean spills as soon as they occur. As marble is a porous stone, liquids and fats can easily seep through the pores and stain the surface of the countertop. Homeowners should be cautious while working with acidic materials such as vinegar and citric juices on a marble countertop.

It would make a lot of sense for homeowners to get the marble countertop cleaned professionally once every few years. Periodic honing and polishing of the marble countertop will help maintain the luster and more importantly, inhibit deterioration of the stone.

Sometimes, professional cleaners may use mechanical devices such as mechanical scrubs to clean and buff the surface of marble countertops. This will help bring back the sheen to the surface of the marble countertop.

If the marble kitchen countertop is scratched or deeply soiled then portions of it may have to be restored through a process of wet standing and chemical stripping. However, as kitchen countertops never get that dirty, this technique is seldom used.

The application of sealers can help protect the surface of the kitchen countertop. The sealer provides a protective covering over the surface of the kitchen countertop that makes it stain resistant.