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Installing The Granite Countertop

Granite is one of the hardest material found on earth, its hardness is second only when compared to diamonds. The hardness and durability of granite countertops makes it a perfect fit for kitchen countertops.

Almost every homeowner loves to install granite countertop for their kitchen. The natural elegance of the natural stone as well as its style elevates the kitchen from being a utilitarian space to a live-in space.

Granite does cost more than most other kitchen counter top material. The starting price per square foot of granite is often $ 60. The high cost of granite slabs is not only because of the elegance and durability of the material. The cost is also because of the work involved in quarrying the granite slabs. Granite is found deep within the earth's surface and needs to be quarried using dynamite sticks.

The cost of the granite slabs also includes the cost of installing the kitchen counter top. This is because granite slabs are quit difficult to install and need to be done by professionals. However, a homeowner can save money on some of the preliminary preparation and demolition work. Before the process of installing granite countertops can begin, range tops, the sink and the old countertops must be thoroughly removed.

After the granite kitchen countertops have been ordered, engineers from the installation company will come to precisely measure the cabinetry and create templates for the installation. This is an important task in granite countertop installation and needs to be done with care and precison.