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How to select granite color?

Granite is one of he hardest stones available on the earth and is found across various countries and continents. Another value proposition held by granite is its color which adds on or matches to the standard of aesthetic elegance as desired by designers. It’s not a hidden fact that granite is the ultimate choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity counters and has also made its way into the floorings, fireplaces and many other such applications.

The most critical issue faced by most of the designers or individuals is the choice of granite color. As granite has a wide array of color options starting from the blacks, whites, browns, blues, greens and the variations thereof. With such subtle variations it increases a challenging task to freeze upon the right granite color and hue. It has been often seen that black and blue granite is much more in demand and so are its prices. Brown and beige on the contrary give you a lot of variety to work with the combinations in your kitchen. Dark counters for light color cabinets and light counters for darker color cabinets is an accepted norm. What would be the factors which one would need to bear in mind while choosing granite color for a kitchen counter top?

Beginning off the first factor would be to walk in to a near-by granite supplier or warehouse which stocks, imports and deals with a large selection of granite slabs and not just a few samples of granite stuck on to a board. Ideally you would like the granite color to match up with your kitchen’s cabinets, hence it would be advisable to carry a cabinet sample along. The same would apply in case of your granite color having to match with your existing flooring. In case of new house you could have your granite countertop selected first and then decide on the flooring, the flooring too can be of granite. Ideally run through the slabs which are a near match or a perfect combination before you intend to freeze on the granite color, as it is an one time affair and you need to make the most perfect selection which won’t make you repent later.

Once you have done with your color selection you could request the granite supplier to draw out a couple of similar slabs to check for variation in color tones. Few of these granite warehouses also are efficient and expert granite installers. So you could always get the right measure of the kitchen and select the pattern.  Prior to running through this exercise it would also be worthwhile to visit a few online granite stores which display granite colors along with the names or the codes and the country of origin. With a bit of online search and local market granite supplier or warehouse visit, you would be able to get hold of the right granite color that you are looking out for……………….