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Granite is the premium choice of countertop materials

Probably the most popular choice of countertops in both kitchens and bathrooms is the granite countertop. These countertops are durable, long lasting and extremely elegant. Installing granite countertops can add a lot of resale value in an older home, and it is a popular choice in custom built new homes.

People like granite countertops primarily because they look good. Granite is a natural stone substance that coordinates very well with the more modern neutral paint colors. There are various granite countertop colors that will match with different kitchen and bathroom designs, but consumers are limited to natural stone colors. This doesn’t stop granite from being the discriminating consumer’s first choice in bath and kitchen countertops.

Though granite countertop color choices are limited, there are always many different finishes to choose from. There are both polished and matte countertop finishes. Tumbled countertop designs have more rounded edges. Granite can also be honed for a smoother look, or torched for a more textured look. One of the coolest things about granite kitchen countertops is that they are all unique from one another, which fits perfectly in this nation of individuals. Because of this, however, granite countertops may look different in the home than samples that a consumer has looked at.

Granite countertops are extremely durable, which is great for home owners who have small children and creative home cooks. Someone can place a hot pot or pan directly on granite countertops without damage them, unlike laminates. A cutting board is also not needed for chopping vegetables on a granite countertop, since even the sharpest knife can’t penetrate the stone surface. Home cooks can cook a complete meal and even roll out dough for a pie without damaging the surface of a granite countertop. They are also very easy to clean - mild detergent or soap with a soft cloth will keep granite countertops looking like new.

Granite countertops can get expensive, but the resale value that they add to a home makes it worthwhile. The price can range from $70 to $100 per square foot. Home owners can cut costs, however, by only using granite countertops in areas that are more visible and using cheaper countertops in other areas. Granite countertops also need to be resealed each year, so home owners should factor that into their budget. It is a good idea to use a professional contractor to install and reseal the granite countertops, because a do-it-yourself job could be more costly in the end if it’s not done right.

There is a huge selection of granite countertop online, and home owners can search for the best price from the comfort of their personal computer. Granite is the premium choice in kitchen countertop material because it looks good and lasts for a very long time. Though the price may be higher than other materials, the investment is worthwhile for the value it adds to the home.