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Getting The Laminate To Imitate Granite

For the longest time laminate kitchen countertop was the de facto choice for most homes. But that is changing and newer materials such as granite and marble are now being commonly used for countertop kitchen.

Marble and granite countertops have several advantages over laminate for kitchen countertops. The biggest advantage is that these natural stones add a lot more elegance to the home. However, these stones are expensive and a granite kitchen countertop could run into a few thousands.

Homeowners who like the advantage that laminate kitchen countertops provide them but do not like the drab colors or the designs of the laminate tiles can now take heart. Laminate slabs used for kitchen countertops are now available in a lot more color and designs. Some of the laminate kitchen countertops now imitate the color and texture of granite and marble.

The advantage of a granite imitation laminate kitchen countertop is that it recreates some of the elegance of the natural stone but at one third the cost. It is also a lot easier to wipe out stains from the surface of a laminate countertop kitchen. However, laminate kitchen countertops also scratch easily and their finish can get spoiled when hot pots are placed on their surface.

Individuals who want the elegance of the granite countertop but do not like imitation laminate granite counter can look for fabricated granite kitchen countertops. The fabricated countertops are made of think slices of granite slabs.