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Affording Luxury For A Smaller Price




Marble and granite countertops have almost become the norm in most upscale condos and luxury apartments. For people who enjoy luxury there is nothing more luxurious than a marble and granite countertop.

 But this is not to say that granite kitchen countertops or marble countertops can be afforded only by the rich. Even though granite and marble are expensive a lot of homeowners can afford to install these kitchen countertops.

 Homeowners who are on a limited budget but who want granite or marble kitchen countertops can buy cultured marble countertops or pre fabricated granite countertops. Both these kitchen countertops provide the same look of granite and marble but are available for a lot less. Cultured marble is made from pieces of marble. Since lower grades of marble are used to make this marble countertop it is less expensive.

Pre fabricated granite countertops are also less expensive because these countertops combine thinner slices of granite slabs with a laminate. As smaller quantities of granite are being used, these again are more economical.

 Marble and granite kitchen countertops are very durable. However, both of them also require more maintenance that laminate countertops. Homeowners need to make sure that they do not drag heavy articles over the surface of the countertop as will lead to scratches and spoil the look of the countertop.