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Adding Value To The Home With Marble And Granite

Granite and marble countertops are expensive. They cost more than other kitchen countertops such as laminate and Formica kitchen countertops. However, in the long run the investment on granite and marble kitchen countertops does pay off.

The cost of granite countertops can range from $ 60 to & 120 per square foot. However, given the fact that homes with granite kitchen countertops and granite floors have a higher resale value most homeowners do not mind spending a little extra on granite countertops.

The other advantage of installing kitchen countertops made of marble and granite slabs are that they are extremely durable and last for many years. So unlike regular kitchen countertops they do not have to be repaved and re-laid every few years.

Granite and marble are increasingly becoming the best kitchen countertops. In fact most apartments in California these days install California countertops in most of their units.

Granite countertop fabrication and installation is a tedious process that requires professional services. Most suppliers of granite countertops also add the cost of fabrication and installation in the initial charges. As soon as the granite countertop is installed, homeowners also need to make sure that the surface is sealed. This will make it impregnable to kitchen spillages.

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