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Add Value To A Home With A Marble Countertop

One of the best ways to add resale value to a home is to by installing marble countertops.

Real estate analysts say that the kitchen is one of the first rooms that people look at when they are home hunting. A good impression with a marble countertop is bound to improve the value of the home.

In fact, although marble countertops are expensive as marble is an expensive natural stone, real estate analysts say that it makes sense to have such a countertop installed at home as it adds a lot to the value of the home. The cost of the marble countertop is more than adequately made up during the sale of the home.

Marble countertops are unique as well as strong and durable. Each marble countertop has its own unique characteristic as no two slabs or marble are ever identical. Home owners can decide to choose from samples which closely resemble each other or can even go in for contrasting colors of marble.

Many homeowners who feel that they cannot afford the cost of installing marble countertops choose to add marble only to some select areas of their kitchen such as the island. This does help to cut the cost of kitchen countertops quite substantially.

Marble kitchen countertops are very durable because of the nature of marble . However, these kitchen counters still require maintenance. The reason for this is that marble can get scratched and stained easily.

To maximize the life of marble kitchen countertops, most installers will add a sealant to the marble at the time of kitchen countertop installation. Even if a sealant is not added as soon as the counter is installed, it should be added before the kitchen is put into use. This is because once fats and other liquids seep into the marble it dulls the stone. In addition, it is also difficult to remove stains from the marble.

Although white marble kitchen countertops look elegant and beautiful a lot of interior designers advise against it because of the maintenance required. Discoloration and dulling of a white marble countertop will be easily apparent.

Marble installers also advise against using the marble kitchen countertop as a cutting board and cleaning the surface of the counter with hard brushes and harsh detergents as these will harm the surface of the marble .

Marble is very durable because it is a natural stone, but it's still susceptible to some damage. Marble countertops require a bit of care to protect the investment.