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A kitchen countertop for the ages

Granite slabs are one kitchen countertop material that can truly stand the test of time, because they are practically as old as time. Granite slabs are one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertop installation today because they are not only beautiful in their full range of Earth tones, but they are extremely durable. Investing in granite for a kitchen countertop installation project is a substantial investment, but it is worth the investment. Granite slabs add considerably more value to a home than the cost of installing them.

Granite slabs rigid igneous rocks which are the product of millions of years of heating and fusion within the core of the Earth. Because of their natural creation, one kitchen countertop made of granite will look completely different than any other kitchen countertop. There are many natural stones that comprise granite slabs, including quartz, feldspar and mica. There

are many different jobs that can be completed on a kitchen countertop made of granite slabs, making them one of the most adaptable materials as well.
Granite slabs are often graded based on the region they were originated in. The grade of granite slabs are alls suitable for general use. Some granite slabs are, however, more suitable for fine architecture. As long as the granite slabs being used for kitchen countertops are, in fact, granite, they should last for generations. Granite slabs are very suitable for kitchen countertop installation because it is a very heat resistant rock and it has the capacity for scratch resistance. It is possible to catch stains in the surface of granite slabs, because they are porous, but they can usually be removed with professional assistance.
Many people choose to purchase granite slabs for their kitchen countertops installation projects on the Internet, which can be a great savings. When granite slabs purchased on the Internet, some samples will be shown.

Consumers should just be sure that the kitchen countertop they receive looks similar to what they saw. When purchase granite slabs one may encounter many different designs and colors, so just be sure to specify what the desired product is. This also applies to replacement granite slabs purchased at home warehouses, because they can differ from day to day.
It’s also wise to test granite slabs before the kitchen countertop installation commences. This can be done by applying some acetone or nail varnish remover on the surface with a clean white cloth. When a residue or black color surface is observed on the top, then the granite slabs have been dyed and should not be accepted. If the surface does not leave any residue, then the granite slabs are good.