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Why use granite flooring for kitchen?

Well, granite is one of hardest, durable and long lasting natural stones, with added qualities of aesthetics, less maintenance and, most importantly, being easy to clean, that is the reason for granite to be used more specifically in kitchens. These are some of the qualities granite can provide for floorings which cannot be beaten, making granite flooring an ideal choice.

The combination of granite floors and kitchen is remarkable. Kitchen happens to be one of the places in the house where the floor is subjected to spills, drop of things and etc., subjected with the cleaning and durability issues. Hence one can depend on the ever relying capabilities of granite flooring to address these concerns. Also granite provides multiple choices of colors to match with your kitchen.

Granite is acid and alkali resistant; hence you can be rest assured that oil, boiling water, tea, coffee, fizzy sugary drinks or sauces would impact the flooring. Your cutlery or glassware splintering would not harm it in any way, just need to clear the rubble and mop the floor. As a routine all you need to do is sweeping and mopping with warm water and a mild detergent soap.

This routine will disallow scratches to granite, which can be caused by quartz (sand like material). Restoration of badly scratched granite may turn out to be an expensive affair, with a possibility of alteration in the granite color as well. Except for this single standalone disadvantage, the other qualities and properties of granite make it a first choice for kitchen and kitchen flooring for sure.