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What type of Granite is good for you

Granite stone is a very useful material used in building. In fact it is a very suitable material to be used in your kitchen. Granite requires very little care and maintenance and are quite affordable. Granite is one of the most versatile stone types that are available. Here are some tips on how to choose the right granite for you.

Choosing the Right Granite

1. Consider the Area and Environment

Granite is very durable and easy to take care of. It requires very little maintenance to be done. However, you must remember any material you might use is going to be wearing down after a period of time due to use. To increase the durability of granite you must take into consideration the area and the environment where it is going to be installed. You must consider factors such as the levels of humidity and the foot traffic. You must also remember to choose granite which is maximum slip resistant if you have small children or elderly people at your home.

2. Check on the Warranty

Most dealers supplying granite come with a warranty from the company. Before you decide on buying the granite make sure to check up on the warranty it assures. Even though granite is one of the hardest materials and is quite suitable to be used as it can handle foot traffic well and stand to other abuses quite well, a warranty will make sure that if anything unexpected happens to the marble, the company can be held responsible.

3. Remember to Sealed Granite

Even though granite is virtually stain resistant, some stones do absorb stains. So you should look for granites which are sealed to make sure that they do not get stained. Also after a period of time you must remember that the granite top has to be resealed.

4. Proper Installation

Another important thing is that you get the granite properly installed. Granite is very durable and can stand a lot of foot traffic, however if the granite is not properly installed it can get cracked. Due to this even if the granite is of good quality it can get damaged easily due to improper installation so you must hire a good worker to get it installed properly for you.