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Using Marble For The Entire Home

Marble and granite countertops not only look great in the kitchen but they also turn a drab looking bathroom into a more refreshing room. However, homeowners usually use cheaper granite slabs and marble for the bathroom.

Before shopping for marble and granite countertops for the bathroom, homeowners need to assemble samples of bathroom vanity cabinet colors and paint colors. Homeowners need to match the color of the granite and marble countertops to the colors of the cabinets and walls.

Homeowners who decide on using granite slabs for the bathroom need to keep in mind that since granite is a natural stone it absorbs water very easily and can get dulled by bathroom soap stains. For this reason, homeowners need to make sure that they seal the surface of the granite counter with a non penetrative sealant.

Homeowners with a small bathroom tend to choose lighter colored granite and marble slabs as this helps the bathroom look a lot bigger. Smaller dark colored granite slabs tend to make the bathroom look dark as well as small.

Individuals who are looking for discounted marble and granite slabs for their kitchen should visit marble and granite fabricators close to their home. Fabricators usually have a lot of waste slabs and they sell it for a lot less.