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Using granite to quickly sell a home

One of the quickest ways to sell a home is by installing granite countertops in the kitchen. The two rooms that people look at the most when comparing homes for sale are the kitchen and bathroom, and the kitchen is often the first room people see when they view a home. Since granite slabs are the most popular kitchen countertop materials because of their beauty and longevity, it is the obvious choice.

The best looking and most functional homes can obviously attract the highest bidders, and the best place to start is with the kitchen countertops, as well as the cabinetry. Since granite is a natural substance that comes from the Earth, it is filled with many different stones and crystals of neutral Earthy tones. Because of this, granite will match with almost any wood cabinetry quite nicely. Home buyers also know that they can count on granite countertops being in the home for a long time, because they are so naturally sturdy.

There’s virtually nothing a homeowner can do to improve the location of their home, and there may not be much they can do about how much money they currently owe on the home. But they can definitely get their home looking as good as possible to make the most out of a sale. Granite slabs are definitely the “it” countertop. People love updated kitchens, and granite will instantly modernize a home that has laminate countertops. While there isn’t anything functionally wrong with laminate, it doesn’t sell the home. People will settle for the laminate if there is something else they really like about the home. On the same note, installing granite countertops will give people something to like about the home if it’s lacking in other areas.

Installing granite countertops in the kitchen and bathroom will help sell a home quicker. This depends on the style and condition of the existing cabinetry, which might also need an upgrade. It doesn’t make much sense to install thousands of dollars worth of granite right next to worn or outdated cabinetry. Cabinets can, however, be painted to give them a fresh look. This is a great alternative that also leaves money in the budget for other renovations.

The kitchen and bathroom are definitely the two most important places to spend money when trying to sell a home. Going the extra mile and choosing granite countertops will give the home a competitive advantage over other homes on the market, and help the home sell faster. Every day that the home sits on  the market is like an eternity for some homeowners that are waiting for a big check to roll in, so speeding up this process by installing granite countertops is often a wise investment.