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Using Cultured Marble In The Countertop Marble Manufacturing

It is considered that providing a suitably elevated working space represents the first function of a countertop marble, be it of a bar, kitchen or bathroom. Minimizing spillage may be possible through a suitably located marble countertop. Being decorative is considered to be the second function of a countertop, as a medium like wood, though potentially decorative, cannot withstand moisture for long.

Although it may have its limitations because of its porosity, one of the most visually appealing surfaces for nowadays' countertops is being represented by natural marble. Against staining from tea, coffee, juices and certain cosmetics, there is no sure-fire way of proofing countertop marble will face up, but what has to be underlined is the fact that the decorative effect is more than upstanding, creating a very good impression to the customer as well to the owners. Another aspect which has to be taken into consideration is being represented by the fact that countertop marble is being used in decorating bathrooms as well, creating a very good sensation of comfort and elegance, which are both very important aspects. Also, there has to be considered the fact that the owner should be prepared to maintain carefully the natural countertop marble which is being used in bar and bathroom.

There is also an alternative which may not require so much careful maintenance such as natural marble, which is being represented by artificial marble, also known as "cultured" marble. In a binding medium made up of resins, polyester, calcium carbonate and other materials, this is being molded from crushed natural marble. Also, it is good to be considered the fact that the end product is well known to provide with an extraordinary resemblance with natural marble, to the point where the difference is unnoticeable. Also, countertop marble made from cultured marble is proven to feature highly resistance to moisture.