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Two Types Of Countertop Stoves

When you're building or remodeling a kitchen, one of the important things you must think about is what type of stove will fit in with your needs and dacor and style. The countertop stove is a popular choice that will give the kitchen an integrated look. Depending on which type of countertop stove you choose, there are different factors that you need to take into consideration for your kitchen countertop.

The countertop gas stove being a gas fed stove, you will need to have a connection to you gas line leading all the way up to the countertop. An electrical connection will also be needed if your gas countertop uses electrical features such as automatic igniting sparks and digital timers. Be sure that the gas countertop stove has removable tops because this will make it easier to clean. A lot of heat is generated sideways from the source of the flame while cooking on a gas stove so it is worthwhile to keep this in mind when you're deciding on the placement of the gas countertop stove. Adequate insulation is advisable if you want to avoid damaging your kitchen countertop.

The electrical countertop stove is a countertop stove type that generates heat by feeding a lot of electricity into heating elements. The only thing you really have to get used to with electric stoves is that it takes a while for the heat level to reach the desired level due to the heating up or cooling down of the elements. However on the plus side, the electric countertop stove does not lose a lot of heat sideways compared to the gas countertop stove. Installation is rather straightforward in which you will need to pick a spot on your kitchen countertop and ensure that there is an electrical power source coming through.