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Things to consider when choosing new kitchen countertops

Installing kitchen countertops can brighten up the whole room without a complex remodeling project. The kitchen countertops are one of the most noticeable elements in the room beside the cabinets, and they just might be the most often used surface in the home. Kitchen countertops have two functions, which are a workspace and a design element. If the kitchen countertops in a home are not serving one of these purposes to their full potential, the homeowner may want to think about replacing them.  Kitchen countertops need to provide a good workspace for preparing food and should also be easy to clean up.

The countertop is the first thing people notice when they walk in the kitchen, so the countertops should also look presentable. Everyone knows that no matter how much work goes into planning a party in the living room or back yard, everyone will end up in the kitchen. The right kitchen countertops can add style as well as function. Kitchen remodeling should include countertops that are carefully chosen for these and many other reasons. The materials for kitchen countertops supply numerous options, making them the biggest choice that a homeowner has to make when planning kitchen remodeling. The most popular choice these days is the granite countertop. Other natural stone choices are limestone and marble countertop, and there are many manmade materials and tile choices as well. Different materials have different features, but the most important features to consider are:

· durability

· ease of cleaning

· safety

· style.

Kitchen countertops need to be durable because they take the most wear and tear out of any surface in the home, save for the front hallways floors. A countertop material that can easily crack, burn or stain may be cheaper initially, but homeowners will have to put money into repairing them. Durable countertops will be among the most expensive, but it is money well spent in the long run. Any parent knows the stress of keeping kitchen countertops clean, so surface materials should be chosen based on their ease of cleaning as well.

Countertops that are made from  extremely porous materials will stain and end up looking unclean. Tiles are also hard to clean because debris will collect in the grout, which will get dirty very fast. Granite and Corian are probably the easiest to clean, and their neutral and Earthy coloring keeps stains from standing out. Safety is an often overlooked factor in countertops, but parents of small children should make sure that edges are rounded to prevent injury. Anyone who has young relatives or has a lot of party guests should also consider the safety of countertop edges. They should not be sharp or rough. There are even kitchen countertops that are treated with a special substance cuts down on bacteria that causes food poisoning.

The style of kitchen countertops is probably the highest priority for many homeowners. There are lots of examples to look at in designer magazines, on television, in home improvement stores and online. Granite is probably the most popular choice today, but consumers really have a virtually unlimited selection of kitchen countertop styles to choose from depending on personal taste and budget.