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The importance of granite countertops installation

Granite slabs arguably make the most durable and beautiful kitchen countertops, but they also make the most expensive kitchen countertops. The cost of granite countertops usually starts at about $60 per square foot, but they will last for decades and add exceptional value to a home. Anyone with a little bit of home design knowledge knows that granite slabs are the top choice in kitchen countertops and are well worth the investment. The biggest source of cost for granite slabs is the labor costs for the granite countertops installation . Homeowners will not want to install their own granite countertops unless they are experts, because it could cost more money to fix potential problems than it's worth. One way that homeowners can cut costs on granite countertops installation is by doing some of the preparation for the installers before they arrive. By removing range tops, sinks and old kitchen countertops, homeowners can cut the cost of granite countertops installation .

After ordering the granite slabs, a representative from the company will arrive at the home to measure and create templates for the granite countertops installation . Once this is done, they will be able to tell the homeowner where the seams will be. It is better to have fewer seems for the granite countertops installation , because lines in the granite slabs will stick out. They will also determine if any special tools will be necessary for the granite countertops installation .

The less complicated the labor, the less expensive it will be. Before the granite countertops installation , metal rods and plywood will be added to the top of the cabinetry to create a strong, level surface with additional support for the sink and range. This keeps the granite slabs from breaking during regular use. Though granite slabs are carefully cut, there may also be high and low spots on the bottom, so leveling is another important step of the preparation process. Granite slabs that measure approximately four-by-eight feet or four-by-twelve feet are only about three centimeters thick. This is incredibly heavy. The granite slabs can weigh hundreds of pounds, and must be properly carried to reduce stress during transportation. If the granite slabs are not carefully laid on the cabinetry, they could crack during regular use.

The granite slabs will be precisely cut with a diamond tip saw to fit the templates, the joint seams will be sealed and the edge will be treated. The installer can add any requested trim inlays to the granite countertops, such as metallic trim or indications of a separate color. The installer will then apply a penetrating sealer and polish the surface to a smooth reflective finish. The expertise that is required for granite countertops installation necessitate that this job be left to the professionals. When properly installed, granite countertops are a beautiful and valuable additive to any kitchen. Although the labor of installing granite slabs costs a lot, it will cost even more to fix a mistake made during a do-it-yourself installation.