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The Granite Countertops Installation

The granite is not only the hardest material available for countertops but also the most expensive; still I remains the first choice in many new and remodeled houses. Even though a complete granite countertops installation can be very costly, the beauty and warmth of the material offer an aesthetic appeal that cannot be found in other countertop materials. The granite countertops installation is not a job that you should take on yourself just to save money or installation costs, and in this case it is better if you choose to require professional assistance, because they usually have the right training and equipment.

If you are looking to save some money, you can usually save some on the preliminary preparation and demolition work but not in the granite countertops installation . Before the granite countertops installation the range tops, the sink and the old countertops should be thoroughly removed and leave the installation process to the professionals. The first thing they must do is to measure the cabinetry and create the precise templates for the installation. While the templates are being created you may find out just how many seems you will need and it is better if there are very few because any straight line in the natural stone is very noticeable.

Also prior to the granite countertops installation some metal rods and plywood will be added to the top of the cabinetry in order to create a strong level surface that can support the sink and range. This is a critical step as it prevents the granite slab from breaking during regular use. Then the granite slab are cut and installed and there you have your new granite countertop.