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Stones Are The Way To Go For Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops, stones are the most preferred material. The hardness and durability of natural stone are the first choice for most homeowners over laminates and tiles.

The most popular natural stones used for kitchen countertops fabrication include granite and marble. The natural grandeur and durability of marble and granite countertops make them an excellent choice for the kitchen.

Usually granite and marble slabs used for kitchen countertops are cut into two foot wide strips and fabricated. Homeowners who have a unique shape of kitchen countertop can get a custom made granite countertop. Custom granite countertops however are more expensive than regular granite countertops.

Homeowners who are installing marble and granite countertops in their kitchens need to keep in mind the stone's strengths as well as vulnerabilities. For instance, granite countertops are very durable however they stain very easily. The same way, homeowners need to be careful about their marble countertops because they scratch and stain easily.

Some of the other natural stones that are used for kitchen countertops include feldspar, slate and soapstone. All these natural stones have been used for kitchen countertop fabrication for years.

Homeowners also need to remember that marble counter tops are more susceptible to acid attacks than silicate-based stones like slate, soapstone, or granite. Stone counters are susceptible to stains, scratching, and breaking, but are easy-to-clean and resistant to bacteria growth.