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So many kitchen countertop choices and so little time

Kitchen countertops installation is probably the most common kitchen remodeling project homeowners perform. When people install kitchen countertop, they usually choose pieces that are around 25 Ѕ inches in width from the base of the cabinets or wall so it  hangs over a bit. A kitchen countertop should also allow for easy access to items whether they are near the edge or against the wall. The choices people have when they install kitchen countertop range from very elaborate to very simple.

The cost of kitchen countertops installation depends on the material that people choose. More expensive kitchen countertop materials are often more durable and convenient to use, but the costliest materials are not necessarily always the be the best in these areas.  Natural quartz kitchen countertop materials such as marble and granite are two of the most expensive, but while granite is very durable marble is actually quite sensitive. People usually install kitchen countertop made of marble and granite with a thickness ranging from Ѕ inch to 1 Ѕ inches, and this is best left to the professionals.

When people decide on kitchen countertops installation of solid-surface plastic acrylic or polyester materials, they are usually prefabricated at the installer shop and assembled on site. Plastic kitchen countertop material is glued together at the joints, which are then sanded, leaving almost no visible trace of the joint. A solid-surface kitchen countertop is usually only about Ѕ inch thick, so the edge is usually created by stacking two or three layers and shaping them to a rounded edge or an ogee edge.

One of the least expensive materials for kitchen countertops installation is formed plastic laminate. This type of kitchen countertop is man-made with a single thin sheet of laminate curved and glued over fiberboard or other similar base materials. Before people install kitchen countertop made of plastic laminate, they must be shaped to provide an integrated front edge, work surface, and backsplash. People can also choose a wood edge plastic laminate kitchen countertop that have become very popular. This is where craftsmen use substrate made out of MDF or particle board, and glue sheets of laminate to the substrate with contact cement.

Other materials for kitchen countertops installation include stainless steel, concrete, ceramic tile and replicated stone. There are many choices that consumers must make before they install kitchen countertop in their home. The most important thing is to find a kitchen countertop that will last a long time while retaining its good looks. Even if it might seem more expensive, one must consider the long term value of the kitchen countertops installation compared to the short term cost.