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Selecting Material for Kitchen Countertop

When it comes to kitchen countertops today, we want embodiment of durability, high-performance and elegant looks. It also needs be able to bear the rigors of kitchen specifically by being heat proof, stain resistant and easy to maintain hygiene. But the irony lies in the fact that there is no single material which would encompass all the qualities that we are looking for. The best way would be to compromise on a material which would give most of the properties without being too expensive. 

Well the possible contemporary kitchen design material for kitchen countertops could be wood, stainless steel, laminates, glass, concrete and ceramic. All of these materials have demerits which go against the thought of what an ideal material from which kitchen counter should be. Also all these materials are seemingly outdated and do not give the feel of an up country market. The best bet here would be to go in for natural stones like marble, granite, limestone, corian or soapstone. Each of these stones has its merits as well as demerits. Marble and Granite are seemingly expensive but they do cover all the aspects which are needed for an elegant, good looking and colorful kitchen countertop. Limestone or Soapstone tend to change color with time. With corian again the issue is about being pricey. 

Considering all the material with their merits and demerits it would be much better to freeze up on a budget, select the marble or granite with the color of your choice and find a professional granite / marble installer to get the kitchen countertop done the way you have always wanted.