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Purchasing Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have become a very popular choice among interior designers, architects and homeowners alike. So there is on wonder that today when a house is being built or a kitchen is being remodeled, someone is talking about granite countertops. Granite countertops are so popular because granite possesses sever very sought-after characteristics that are essential for building the ultimate countertop.

Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock which contains feldspar, mica and more than twenty percent quarts. The excellent combination of minerals makes for a tough and durable rock. Thus granite countertops are very hard and durable. Actually, granite countertops cannot be scratched by anything except by some other piece of granite or of course diamond.

Countertops made from other materials are very susceptible to the elements and even slight temperature changes may cause them to crack and split. But the mica component of granite countertops makes them quite resistant to temperature. Granite countertops will not react badly to a container of ice cream or a pot of steaming soup, the granite countertops will endure the temperature admirably.

Now these characteristics of granite countertops would be enough to convince a homeowner to replace their old wooden or tile countertops with granite countertops. But you will be delighted to know that there is much more to granite than just its functionality. And the extra added bonus is the fact that granite countertops look great.

The appearance of granite countertops is probably the main reason why they are so popular, especially so in hotels and other luxurious buildings. Granite countertops help to add an instant touch of class to any room, and they are also a favorite among interior decorators because they go with just about any kind of room design.

Granite countertops are available in lots of different hues and patterns and some designs may cost more than others, but these variations in price are largely dictated by the origin of certain pieces of granite.