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Preventing Staining Of The Granite Countertop

Homeowners having invested a lot in installing granite countertops for their kitchen should also take some care to ensue that the countertop is maintained well.

A regular regimen of care and maintenance is required to keep the granite kitchen countertop looking new and fresh for several years. Polishing the surface of the granite will help in bringing down the porosity of the stone and keep it from becoming dull; however constant care of the countertop is also required.

Granite manufacturers recommend cleaning granite kitchen countertops with a neutral cleaner. Even cleaning the kitchen countertop with mild dishwashing liquid and warm water is sufficient to keeping the surface looking lustrous for several years.

Home owners should also try and as far as possible avoid using corrosive liquids, strong detergents, dry cleansers and scouring powders to clean the surface of granite kitchen countertops. This is because these cleaners can strips away the granite slab's natural shine.

As far as possible, owners of granite kitchen countertops should also avoid using cleaners that have lime or vinegar in them. This is because these cleaning liquids can cause the granite slabs to discolor.

To maximize the life of granite kitchen countertops, home owners should remember to use only clean, soft cloths when wiping the granite countertop . Home owners should not leave the countertop wet but should always dry the surface with a soft cloth.

Owners of granite countertops should also avoid placing very hot items on the granite kitchen countertop's surface. Very hot materials could cause discoloration of the granite slabs. Granite manufacturers advise that placemats or trivets should be used when placing very hot dishes down on the countertop.

Dragging sharp edged utensils across the granite kitchen countertop or using the slabs in place of a cutting board could lead to scratches on the surface. Homeowners should not try to fix these themselves as they could do more damage to the stone in the process. To remove scratches from the surface of granite slabs it is best to call a professional.

Granite kitchen countertops are not really hard to maintain. However, they do need to be treated with care. When well taken care of granite kitchen countertops could lost for decades.