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New Innovations In Kitchen Countertops

A lot of interior designers are thinking outside the box when it comes to designing kitchen countertops these days. As a result, a lot of new materials are being used.

One of the most recent materials to be used for the construction of kitchen countertops is lavastone. This material as a countertop is best suited for homeowners who want to create a modern look for their kitchen. The color palettes available for lavastone countertops are well outside the typical range that is available with enameled materials. Another advantage of this material is that it is non porous and does not stain. The stone costs about $ 210 per square foot.

A lot of homeowners of luxury homes are choosing to inlay the surface of their countertop with semi precious stones. This gives the kitchen countertop a very expensive look. It is also unique. Manufactures use a mineral binder to join pieces into a smooth and shiny countertop . This countertop is expensive; the average price per square foot is around $ 400.

Stainless steel is also gaining ground as a kitchen countertop material in many homes. Again this material is used by homeowners who want to create a modern look for their homes. The advantage of the use of stainless steel is that it is easy to maintain and easy to clean. However, a problem with it is that it shows scratches and fingerprints.

One of the newest materials to hit the kitchen is glass. The highly polished surface is available in almost limitless colors, shapes, thicknesses and textures. Its non-porous nature makes it a perfect material for kitchen countertops. However, a problem using this material for countertops is that it can easily crack and break if a heavy object falls on it.

Another new material that is being used for kitchen countertops is paper. Paper is now being made as durable as stone and being used for countertops. The paper is treated so that it is stain resistant as well as heat resistant.

However, despite the use of these materials for kitchen countertops, marble and granite countertops still remain the favorite of most homeowners. The advantage of both these natural materials is that they are extremely durable and elegant. Marble and granite countertops also add to the resale value of the home and hence continue to be a very popular choice among homeowners.