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Marble Flooring

Greeks and Romans have used marble extensively for their palaces and courtyards. Marble has been a reflection of taste, regality and symbolization of wealth and power. An example is the Taj Mahal in India, one of the seven world wonders. 

In recent times marble flooring has been adopted by architects and designers of residential and commercial establishments for the sheer elegance provided by marble. Black marble and white marble are the all time favorites for the majority, and are a bit more expensive in comparison to marble of any other color. The advantage of marble apart from its beauty is that marble flooring is pretty easy to clean, just a simple soft broom sweeping everyday would suffice. In case of stubborn dirt or grime mopping with water and mild detergent is more than enough. Marble flooring gives an added luster and shine whenever polished, hence it is recommended to use the best available polishes in the market. 

Marble being soft is easy to carve and cut, into desired shapes and sizes. Hence it is used for making statues, countertops, fireplaces, mantles and in places where it can be displayed prominently………not to be outdone, the tombstones as well.