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Marble countertops are an investment in home value

Any homeowner who wants to add value to their property should definitely consider installing marble countertops. Since the kitchen is the first place that realtors and homebuyers look in a home, it is the room where homeowners should spend the most time and money remodeling. Installing marble countertops may be expensive, but it is the easiest way to add incredible value to a home with one project.


Marble countertops are not only durable and beautiful, but they are also naturally unique. Because of this, homeowners know they have kitchen countertops that are different from everyone else’s. Anything that is made by the Earth and not by human hands has to be unique, and marble countertops are produced by the Earth. Each set of marble countertops has its own unique swirls, lines, designs and patterns.

Since all marble countertops are different there will also be different costs for installing marble countertops. Marble is expensive to begin with, and many homeowners could be shocked when they look at how much it costs for these kitchen countertops. Costs will also vary depending on the thickness of the marble and the complexity of installation. Homeowners should think of new marble countertops as an investment in the value of their home, though. Even if they never sell the home, they can count on those marble countertops being in place for generations for their children or other successors to enjoy.


There are a few ways to cut costs for installing marble countertops. Marble can be used in just a few key places, like on top of an island, wet bar or inset. This will give homeowners all the beauty of marble without all the cost. Homeowners can also prepare the area before installers arrive by removing stovetops, ranges and the old kitchen countertops. This will cut on the labor costs for installing marble countertops.


Marble countertops are very durable because they’re made of a natural stone, but they’re still vulnerable to damage. Marble countertops require care to protect the investment. Homeowners should avoid soap scum, excess dirt, and acidic materials like alcohol, coffee and fruit juices. Coasters and placemats should be used on marble countertops to prevent water rings and staining. If anything does spill onto the marble countertops, homeowners should clean it up as soon as humanly possible, making sure to blot at the stain instead of wiping at it. Home cooks should also use hot pads for pots, pans, and skillets, because marble can burn. Cutting boards can help avoid any scratches as well.


To additionally protect the investment, marble countertops should be sealed annually with penetrating sealers to protect them from moisture absorption. Installing marble countertops and sealing the surfaces should both be done by professionals. Attempting do-it-yourself jobs could further damage the marble countertops, negating any money that was saved by doing it alone. Homeowners that protect their marble investment, however, can expect to enjoy their marble countertops for years to come. They will also be pleased at the resale value it adds to their home.