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Finding Different Uses For Marble

Marble has been a popular stone with designers and architects for centuries. Most of the important cathedrals in Europe are made of this stone. The popularity of marble continues even till today. A lot of interior designers are recommending marble countertops to homeowners.

One of the reasons that counter tops have gained so much in popularity in recent times is because of the advances in fabrication of marble slabs. It is now possible for granite countertop fabricators to craft thinner slices of marble slabs for the kitchen countertop.

Marble countertops are also very durable and therefore an automatic choice for kitchens. In addition, the natural stone is moisture resistant and therefore used often as flooring in the bathroom and the kitchen.

Apart from its use as bathroom and kitchen counters, it is also extensively being used as flooring. These days, interior designers are recommending marble for the furnace place. Hand polished as well as unpolished marble slabs look fabulous around the fire place.

Marble is also the first choice for vanities. A natural marble vanity or sink is really the one and only choice for the discriminating homeowner. With the help of modern sealants it is now possible for homeowners to have vanities that cannot be stained.

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