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Marble Countertops Are Elegant

Marble is one of the most elegant natural stones. The sheer elegance of the stone makes it a natural choice for construction of artistic structures such as statues and Greek theaters and in homes.

From kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops and floors, marble is being widely used at homes these days. The elegance, versatility and durability of the natural stone are some of the reasons that architects and interior designers prefer marble over other materials.

Marble counter tops make the kitchen look luxurious and elegant but not opulent. The muted splendor of the natural stone has an understated elegance to it. Because of the natural properties of this marble, it tends to stain easily and does require some maintenance. However, most homeowners do not mind the few extra steps that they have to take every few weeks to ensure that the marble counter top sparkles.

The first thing that homeowners of a marble countertop need to remember is that marble is a porous natural stone that is susceptible to kitchen spills. Therefore homeowners need to be careful not to spill acidic substances such as citrus juice and vinegar on the marble kitchen countertop. These can cause the surface to become scratchy and dull.

Homeowners of marble countertops can also help retain the shine of the countertop by using coasters under glasses or bottles and mats or trivets to place hot items. Periodic cleaning with soft cloth and a gentle cleaner will also ensure that the surface of the marble is not spoiled.

Marble countertops do require some degree of maintenance. But given the fact that they are beautiful to see and add a lot of value to the home, most people do not mind taking those few extra steps to maintain the countertop.

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