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Getting Economical With Granite

Thanks to modern technology more homeowners are now able to afford marble countertops and granite countertops. Advances in modern technology have succeeded in improving manufacturers' ability to cut, shape and finish the marble slabs.

Both marble and granite are expensive natural stones. A reason for the high cost of these natural stones is the work involved in quarrying granite and marble from deep within the earth. Dynamite needs to be used to blow up mountains and quarry the stone.

The high cost of marble countertops and granite countertops was what was preventing a lot of people from installing these kitchen counters at their homes. However, the advances in kitchen countertop fabrication have helped make granite and marble countertop more affordable.

Due to the advances in marble countertop fabrication, granite and marble manufacturers are able to get thinner slices of this natural stone. Some of the new granite kitchen countertops have granite slabs that are less than 3/4th inches in thickness. The ability to use granite slabs in smaller quantities has helped lower the cost of marble and granite countertops.

Advances in technology have also made it possible for manufacturers of kitchen countertops to create granite tiles rather than slabs. Granite tiles again use thinner slices of granite slabs and therefore are less expensive. Granite tiles can be laid almost edge to edge, providing the look and feel of a solid granite countertop, at a fraction of the cost.

Homeowners who are interested in marble countertops but who cannot afford marble countertops can opt for cultured marble countertops . These countertops are made from small pieces of marble mixed in a resin. These countertops also provide the same look as marble countertops but at a fraction of the price.

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