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Making The Smart Choice With Granite




One of the reason's that a lot of homeowners are installing granite countertops is that it provides them with a tremendous feeling of pride of ownership. The elegance and stylish nature of the granite slabs makes every homeowner want to install a granite kitchen countertop.

Granite slabs are both a decorative and practical choice for a kitchen countertop installation. Its durability and natural resistance to stress makes it one of the best materials to use in the kitchen.  It also provides a value addition to the home by adding to the resale value of the property.

However, a lot of the beauty and the charm of the granite slabs depend on how it has been maintained. While a well maintained granite countertop can retain its shine and vitality for several decades, poorly maintained granite slabs will look dirt and lackluster within a few years.

Homeowners who are considering installing granite countertops first need to consider their cooking style. A granite counter top is not very ideally suited in homes where heavy pots and pans are dragged across the surface of the countertop. Although, granite is a very durable material, it surface gets scratched when heavy articles are dragged across its surface.

A homeowner planning to install a granite countertop for the home should expect variations in color and design among the slabs. Since, granite is a natural stone; there will be variations in color and designs. Homeowners who are particular about the granite slabs that are going to be used for their kitchen should examine the whole batch before hand.

Granite countertop installation is a diff cult task that needs to be done by professionals. Often, the installers will leave the granite slabs overnight at a home. Homeowners need to read all the terms of the contract and see if there is any compensation awarded to them if any of the granite slabs are broken or chipped during the transportation and installation process. This is very important as granite slabs are expensive.

Usually, contractors involved in installing granite countertops will lay out all the granite tiles in a dry run before applying mortar or other chosen adhesive agent. This is the last chance that a homeowner has to make any changes in the design and installation of granite counter.

Homeowners should also ensure that the surface of the granite counter is sealed with the suitable sealant soon after it has been installed. This will prevent the granite countertop from absorbing liquids and grime. One of the best courses of action for a homeowner to take is to consult with an expert on granite kitchen countertop installation and maintenance. This will ensure that the countertop remains attractive for a long time.

Granite tile and slabs are both a decorative and practical choice, making the choice of granite both a stylish and smart one.