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Just a few of the kitchen countertops options

When consumers make the decision to install kitchen countertops, they have a dizzying number of choices. There are more types of countertops than could be realistically listed in one place, but a few of the finer option today are granite countertops, marble countertops, ceramic tiles, stainless steel countertops and even concrete. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is really up to consumer to decide what will work best in their home. 

Probably the most popular choice today is granite countertops, which can be seen in the latest design magazines. For those who want to install kitchen countertops that will add value to their home and last for generations, this is probably the best choice. Granite countertops may cost a bit more that some of the other choices, but they will add more value over time than the initial investment. Granite countertops are available in many different colors and are they extremely durable. Although there is some maintenance involved, including annual sealing, granite countertops are elegant, timeless and long-lasting.

Another high end option that some people may consider when they plan to install kitchen countertops is marble countertops. It is true that marble countertops have an extremely high price tag, many people opt to use them sparingly at less-trafficked locations in the kitchen. While marble countertops are luxurious and instantly recognizable, they require maintenance and they easily stain. Stains and scratches will require professional repair, as well, so people should consider the option carefully before putting their money down.

Ceramic tiles are another option when it comes time to install kitchen countertops. Kitchen countertops made from ceramic tiles are extremely durable and usually easy to clean. They are also relatively inexpensive and are usually installed one section at a time, so most people can easily work with them. Ceramic tile kitchen countertops are best when they have been finished professionally, though, so they can take hot pans and be cleaned easily. They are also available in a number of different textures, but the downside is that the grout in between the tiles can be difficult to clean and the surface can end up uneven. When professional install kitchen countertops they can usually avoid these pitfalls, though.

A contemporary and industrial look can be achieved with a stainless steel kitchen countertops. Stainless steel is extremely heat resistant and durable, and these kitchen countertops are usually constructed precisely to the consumer’s specifications so they can expect a seamless finish. While they are easy to clean they can appear clinical, however, and they are noisy, expensive and difficult to modify.

For those who want to install kitchen countertops in an unusually shaped kitchen with an industrial look, concrete is a good option. Concrete kitchen countertops can be color tinted, can look fantastic in the right setting and new finishes mean that a concrete counter will almost never crack. On the downside, cracking is still sometimes possible and the finish can be quiet porous. There are advantages and disadvantages to all kitchen countertops, though, so it’s really up to the consumer.