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How to repair marble countertop so it looks like new

The pinnacle of style and grace in today’s modern kitchen is a marble countertop. Marble countertops feature the classic stone look and trademark swirling patterns that manufacturers often try to imitate with manmade materials, but the real thing is always best. Installing marble countertops is a considerable financial investment, though. That is why proper upkeep of those marble countertops is a must, but sometimes people have accidents. Luckily, there are solutions for when stains or scratches occur on the marble countertop surface.

When the problem is merely a trivial stain or scratch on the surface of a marble countertop, there shouldn’t be any need to call in the professionals. Marble countertops can often be repaired with a high-quality polishing powder or tin dioxide, which should be available at a home repair or hardware store. Homeowners can take out most of the minor stains or scratches by applying the solution with a felt cloth.

While more serious cracks and chips may be alarming, it is possible to solve the problem without newly installing marble countertops. In cases where actual pieces of the marble countertop have broken away, the broken pieces should be located and all of the edges should be wiped down with acetone. By doing this, homeowners will be removing any foreign materials and making glue bonding more successful.

Homeowners can choose epoxy glue or professional marble countertop repair cement to affix the piece back in place. There are two precautions that must be taken, though. First, homeowners must ensure that there is no excess glue on the marble countertops, which will stay on the surface after the glue has hardened. Second, they must make sure to apply enough pressure to the marble countertop for long enough.

In the case that the pieces from the chipped or broken corners in the marble countertops can’t be found, the marble countertop must be reformed with material that resembles the surface. A mold must be made of wax paper for installing marble countertops replacement pieces. When this is done, a mixture of marble dust and polyester resin cement can be used to fill in the missing piece. The same dust and resin cement mix can be used to fill in holes in marble countertops.

It isn’t exactly easy to replace or repair marble countertops, but it is far from impossible. With the right tools and a little bit of elbow grace, homeowners can make their prized investment look like new without installing marble countertops al over again. Since a marble countertop is such a heavy investment, taking the time to maintain and repair them correctly is well worth it.