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Granite Kitchen Countertop Pricing

The price of granite kitchen countertops varies greatly depending on the size and the grade of the granite slabs . Obviously larger granite slabs are most expensive than smaller granite slabs.

Homeowners who want to install granite countertops should take into consideration their budget. Granite slabs are available at a variety of prices. The coarser grained larger textured granite slabs are usually a lot less expensive that the smaller grained and no streak granite slabs . For example, a 96-inch kitchen countertop made from large grained granite slabs is likely to cost around $700, while one with fine lines will cost more than $ 1,000.

The price of the granite kitchen countertops will also depend on the thickness of the granite slabs used. Thick pieces of granite slabs with beveled, polished edges will generally cost a lot more than thinner prefabricated granite slabs.

Homeowners need to understand that the high costs of granites slabs are because of the work involved in transporting and quarrying the material. As granite is a natural rock that is found deep within the earth's surface a lot of effort is required in quarrying the rock.

Homeowners who want custom granite countertops including granite countertops etched with acid or other chemical treatments will need to pay more for their kitchen countertops. Depending on the level of detail required, detailing for granite countertops can add between $60 and $200. This additional cost will also depend on the size of the piece that needs detailing. Most custom granite countertops cost well over $ 1,500.