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Granite has become the countertop of choice for california homeowners

Granite is one of the most unique countertop options for California home owners, because it is as unique and natural as the people in this state are. There are many different shades and designs of granite slabs to choose from for any home remodeling project. Since granite is a natural stone that is formed by magma rivers in the Earth, each slab of granite is naturally different from the next.  

The natural stone known as granite is an igneous rock, which has been created by the Earth for millions of years. Granite slabs come from an intersection of hot and cold temperatures, and different minerals and stones found in the magma such as quartz, feldspar and mica. The stones are mined in quarries and taken to manufacturing facilities for the process of kitchen countertop fabrication.

Different processes are used to create granite slabs for different types of workspaces. Since granite is a natural stone, it is also graded for the given task. There are different granite grades based on the regions they come from, as well. All grades of granite are heat resistant, durable and scratch resistant. People who have granite in their homes can remove stains and scratches using simple repair methods in most cases, so they are ideal for California kitchens.

Home owners can purchase California granite countertops and other natural stone surfaces such as marble and limestone on the Internet. Consumers should be aware, however, that because of the large variances in stone shade and pattern that the samples they view may be different from what they purchase. It is possible to view granite slabs from a certain batch of granite, though, that should closely match other slabs from the same batch.

The batch of granite slabs should have the same consistency throughout the surface. If anyone breaks off or scratches the granite surface, they will need to be replaced by granite from the same batch. If the stone is not available for replacement it might be a problem, so it is best to take extra special care of these natural beauties. Before purchasing granite countertops, California homeowners should perform some inspections to the granite they are purchasing. This can be done by applying some acetone or nail polish remover with a clean white cloth. If the surface does not bleed anything, the granite should be perfect. If a color appears on the cloth, the granite might be died, and should not be accepted.

When properly taken care of, granite countertops should compliment any California home for generations to come. They are naturally beautiful and resilient, which is why people are choosing this material above all other when they remodel their kitchens. With careful inspection before the purchase, and maintenance every year after the purchase, granite countertops should be timeless.