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Granite countertops are the interior designers choice

Interior designers and style-conscious home owners know that granite is the premiere choice in modern kitchen countertops. It shouldn’t be too hard to understand why granite countertops are so popular. They have incredibly deep and unique colors, and after the granite countertops fabrication and installation process they have also a beautifully polished look.

People also love granite countertops in their kitchens because they are durable and fairly easy to maintain. The only material that is harder than granite is diamonds, in fact. With proper granite countertops fabrication and installation, they should not wear or chip unless someone is extremely rough and reckless with them.

Granite countertops can stand up to heat without blistering, unlike manmade kitchen countertops. Granite is also great for rolling out pie crusts and other pastries, so it’s a favorite with home chefs as well as interior designers.

In order to maintain granite countertops, homeowners will want to use water and a soft cloth to clean up spills. They will also want to apply a clear sealer annually (or even twice a year) to preserve the bright look of the granite. A regular sealing schedule is very important to protect the investment of granite countertops. Granite is known for being the least porous and most stain resistant of all natural stones, but it does contain micro fissures that can stain if they have not been sealed properly. Oil is the worst culprit for seeping into the fissures of granite countertops, which will decrease their beauty and value.

Granite countertops have become increasingly popular for home owners and interior designers over the past ten years or so. The cost of granite can vary considerably depending on the type, quality and thickness of the slab. The cost of granite countertops fabrication and installation will also vary depending on how complicated the job is. Edge treatments will add to the cost, as well. The labor that goes into fabricating and installing granite countertops is the biggest cost source.

Home owners who love the look of granite countertops but can’t afford to remodel their entire kitchen can still add the beauty of granite to their home. By using granite for one section of the kitchen, such as the kitchen island, home owners will still give the room a more elegant look and add resale value to the home. Home owners who can afford a lot of granite are often choosing to have a granite sink installed along with their granite countertops. Granite countertops are the first choice for many interior designers, but home owners can bypass the professional design assistance and choose their own kitchen countertops. Granite comes in many different unique colors and patterns that will compliment any home. Granite makes some of the most fashionable and durable kitchen countertops that are available.