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Granite counter color choices

Granite counter tops are probably the most popular choice in kitchen counter installation today. The reasons that people choose granite counter tops are for their beauty, resilience and strength. These are important traits for kitchen counter installation, because people are hard on their granite counter tops. The kitchen is possibly the most highly trafficked room in the home, and it is the first room home buyers look at. With granite counter tops, home owners can infuse a number of naturally occurring colors into their kitchen that will compliment many different designs.

Granite counter tops did not come into vogue until the 19th century, when granite was discovered by Europeans. A polished piece of granite was featured at the London Exhibition in the 1850s, and the material has been used for kitchen counter installation since shortly after that. Now people regularly use granite counter tops as well as granite floors.

Granite counter tops were once reserved for the rich and famous, but they are now in millions of regular American homes. Granite counter tops are still expensive, but they are a worthy investment because of their durability and the value that they add to a home. Granite is as hard as a diamond, so granite counter tops can’t be starched or cut by ordinary tools like kitchen knives.

There are many different naturally occurring colors that granite counter tops are available in. There are black, grey, and white granite counter tops for sleek, minimalist kitchen designs. There are also shades of brown, blue, green and red granite counter tops. Home owners can pick any of these colors for their kitchen counter installation to coordinate with the design they have in mind.

Color versatility and resilience are just a couple of the reasons why home owners should invest in granite countertops for their kitchen. Home owners can also create their own granite countertops color combinations to achieve a unique style and give their kitchen the personality they have in mind. After all, it is the home owner and their family and friends who will spend time there.

Granite countertops are not priced according to the granite colors, but according to the thickness and size. Though granite counter tops are made of an extremely durable material, they can be chipped if they are not properly cared for. Don’t treat it any rougher just because it is granite, but take the care that would be taken for any kitchen counter by cleaning it regularly and repairing it when needed.