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From magma rivers to kitchen countertops

The premiere choice in kitchen countertops today is the granite countertop. Granite countertops are extremely stylish and last for a long time, probably because they are made from materials that have already been on the Earth for a very long time. Granite is a natural rock made from many other natural stones that is dug from quarries, cut into slabs and fabricated into beautiful countertops.

Granite is formed from rapidly cooling volcanic magma, and it is made of silica, quartz and feldspar. Magma has to endure extreme pressures and temperature changes underground, which is why it forms such a durable countertop material. When a river of magma made mostly of silica moves from a very hot place to a cool place, it loses heat so quickly that it turns into granite. All the materials that were enclosed in the magma, including rocks, minerals, and ores, will cool at different temperatures. This causes the materials to separate and create intricate textures and patterns, which is what makes granite countertops so beautiful.

Granite is a great material for kitchen countertop fabrication and installation because it is nonporous and highly compact. Granite doesn’t allow any room for water to seep in, which also creates a hostile environment for bacteria, mold, and mildew. Granite countertops are thus a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. There are custom granite countertops available that are food-grade and double as chopping boards, since granite is resistant to scratches and breaks. Granite is also resistant to heat, since it is exposed to extremely high pressures and temperatures during formation. A cook can place a hot pan on a granite countertop without melting or damaging it. As long as they are resealed annually, granite countertops will last for generations.

Granite comes in many different colors, but it’s not really possibly to choose a consistent design, because they are naturally formed. It is best just to try to install granite countertops that match the home’s fixtures, which shouldn’t be a problem for neutral colored kitchens. Granite countertops require professional installation, but the expense is worthwhile because they will last and keep their finish for several years.

Manufacturers and builders generally need licenses to fabricate and install California granite countertops, and all states require certification. It’s wise to check a builder’s certification before requesting a job order. Granite countertop installation may require rearranging the kitchen, so home owners should be prepared for some disruption when they want to install granite countertops, but it’s worth the inconvenience. Granite countertops are fairly simple to install, but the process involves moving large pieces of rock and stone around, and accidents may occur. Fabricators and installers should have insurance and safety policies to keep valued items safe.

The decision to install granite countertops will beautify any home and add tremendous resale value. Granite comes from the Earth, so it is clearly made to last. From Magma Rivers to California kitchens, the journey is worthwhile to have the best kitchen countertops available.