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Examine Samples Before Buying Granite Slabs

Granite countertops have become the leading choice for kitchen countertop material over the past few years. The reason for this is granite is extremely attractive and durable.

Granite kitchen countertops have certainly become the countertop of choice for most kitchen designers because these kitchen countertops add to the value homes. Granite is attractive, easy to maintain, and durable.

Granite kitchen countertops are beautiful natural stones that add warmth and character to kitchens. The colors and patterns of granite slabs vary from stone to stone. As a result of this no two California granite countertops are identical. It is these small differences that add richness and texture to the home.

Granite is an igneous rock that originates deep in the earth. It makes up about 60 per cent of the Earth's upper crust. Granite is composed of quartz and feldspar and most granite slabs have a dense grain.

Homeowners choosing granite slabs from their kitchen countertops should go to the granite manufacturers store and examine samples of the slabs. This will allow them to pick stones that have relatively few specs and veins running across them.

Homeowners should also examine granite slabs to be used in kitchen countertops in day light. The reason for this is that granite can take up different shades in different lights. This can mean that the color of the slabs can look different in different lighting situations. Lighting can cause a reflection in the granite making one color more dominant. It is for this reason that interior designers recommend that homeowners choose from the actual slabs of granite as opposed to small samples.

Selecting an edge profile of the granite countertop is also important to creating the tone of the kitchen. There are several different edges possible on California granite countertops. The most basic of these edges is the straight edge. This edge is usually leveled to prevent it from being too sharp.

An alternative to the straight edge of the granite countertop is the rounded edge counter. In this design, the edges are slightly rounded. The edge of the granite may be polished or may be smoothed off to a matte finish.

An advantage to a granite countertop in a home is that it adds to the value of the home. It also gives the home a sense of opulence and luxury.