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Estimating The Need Perfectly

Granite slabs are a very practical choice for homes. Granite is one of the hardest materials found in the earth and is therefore very durable. 

Of course, choosing granite slabs for a home has a lot more to do with it being a decorative material. Homes fitted with granite kitchen countertops and granite floor look luxurious and even extravagant.

 Granite slabs are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Black and red granite tiles are the most popular choice for kitchen countertops while grey and beige slabs are most often used for floors.

  Granite, which is found deep within the earth’s recesses, is expensive to extract and fabricate. That is part of the reason that granite slabs are so expensive. A majority of the cost of a granite slab goes towards extraction and transportation.

 Granite slabs look great in all homes and go wonderfully well with hard wood furniture and even more contemporary glass and steel furniture. The versatility of the natural stone is such that it combines gracefully and accentuates modern as well as traditional furniture.

 There are several flooring as well as kitchen countertops that homeowners can install themselves. Materials such as vinyl and ceramic tiles can be installed in kitchens with relatively little assistance. However, this is not the case with granite slabs. Given the fact that the granite counter is expensive, most homeowners do not want to take the risk of installing the countertop themselves.

 The first step in installing a granite kitchen countertop is measuring the space correctly. Once the granite slabs have been cut, it is difficult to change the design of the kitchen counter. Homeowners who are not confident about the measurements can enlist the services of a contractor to help out in this task.

  Homeowners also need to consider the amount of granite slabs that they will be requiring. While some homeowners install granite countertops that are made exclusively of granite others often build countertops that are a combination of materials. Homeowners often choose to have a stainless steel sink along in their granite kitchen countertop.

 Some individuals also like to use glass for a part of the kitchen countertop while others use granite only for the island. Therefore, it is important for a homeowner to estimate the needs correctly. Once this is done, the granite slabs can be ordered.

 Usually, the granite tile manufacturer will include the cost of granite countertop installation in the price of the slabs. It usually takes a day to complete installing the granite counter.