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Cutting Down On The Cost Of Marble Countertops

The main function of the kitchen countertop is utilitarian. Therefore, the kitchen countertop needs to be design in such a way that it facilitates cooking and chopping.

In designing the kitchen, homeowners need to for a design and material that suits the utilitarian purpose of the kitchen countertop. For small kitchens in studios and one bedroom apartments, the wall to wall kitchen countertop design is preferred. The advantage of this kitchen countertop design is that no space is aligned along three walls.

Natural stones such as granite or marble can be fabricated to be used in small as well as large kitchen countertops. The advantage of using a marble counter top on a small kitchen is that it costs much less.

In homes with small kitchens, homeowners could also consider using cultured marble. Cultured marble. The crushes marble pieces are bound in a medium made of resins, polyester, calcium carbonate and other materials. The end product very closely resembles marble slabs. is made from pieces of

The advantage of a cultured marble countertop is that it is a lot cheaper than the original marble is highly resistant to moisture, staining, scratching and chipping. Since it is a manufactured material, major cracks and breaks can be repaired easily. countertop. Cultured

Cultured marble has the look of natural marble but is available to home owners at a fraction of the cost. A problem with cultured marble countertops is that the surface can be affected by acidic material.