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Cutting Costs On Marble




Just because marble is an expensive natural stone it does not mean that homeowners should shy away from using this stone for kitchen countertops. There are several ways by which homeowners can use marble for their kitchens but still keep the costs relatively low.

One way to bring down the cost of a marble countertop is by buying the stone from discount stones or from wholesale stores. The advantage to buying the stone from a discount stone is that discounts of up to 30 per cent can be availed on the marble countertop. However, the disadvantage is that homeowners will not get the best quality stone.

Marble is divided into different grades based on the number of veins running across them and the spots and lines in them. Usually, the lower grades of marble have more lines running through them.

Another way to reduce the cost is by using marble only for certain sections of the kitchen. With this method, homeowners can still buy the best grades of marble for their kitchen countertops. However, the stone will be used only in select areas such as the top of the island.

Another option for a marble countertop is by using cultured marble . Cultured marble is made by mixing marble dust with plastic. Since this is not the pure version of marble , it does not cost as much.

The advantage of cultured marble countertops are that they provide the same elegance a natural marble countertops but for the fraction of the price. In addition, cultured marble countertops are also easier to install. There are more durable than marble against damage and cracking.

Just like wood, marble kitchen countertops require regular maintenance. But given the value that it adds to the home and the aesthetic appeal that it adds to a home, being careful with a marble countertop is definitely worth it.

Since marble is a natural stone, it absorbs liquids very easily. So home owners should try to avoid soap scum, excess dirt, and acidic materials like alcohol, coffee and fruit juices from seeping into the marble kitchen countertop.

Marble can also burn, so it is always advisable to use hot pads for pots, pans, and skillets on marble countertops. A good way to protect a marble countertop is by protecting periodically with sealants. The sealers prevent fluids from penetrating into the surface of the marble countertop and spoiling the surface.