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Counter and flooring material straight from mother nature

The process of kitchen countertop fabrication and installation is an amazing process, which turns natural stones into slab countertops. Natural stones such as marble and granite are also used for flooring, bathroom designs, fireplace mantels and other uses. Granite and marble are regularly seen in the top design magazine, and they are now seen in more American homes than ever.

Since the process of marble and granite fabrication has improved, the price has come down a little bit on these countertops compared to what it once was. They are still costly, but it is an investment that many homeowners are considering because of the longevity of the product and the equity it adds to the home. Marble and granite slabs can be fitted for working surfaces or as flooring materials. Since they come from the Earth, they are the most obvious choice for any floor or workspace that sees a lot of traffic. They also come in a natural array of colors and patterns that can’t be matched by any synthetic process.

The reasons that people choose marble and granite countertops for their homes are various. They’re unique and individual and coordinate with natural wood cabinets, so they are a designer’s choice. They are also very durable and can withstand different temperatures, so they are a home cook’s choice as well. As long as they are properly taken care of, marble and granite countertops or floors truly enhance the beauty and worth of any home or business for decades to come.

Some people prefer the look of marble, and some prefer granite. Marble is very popular for entrance halls, lanais and formal salons. Marble comes in a variety of shades and patterns that homeowners easily fall in love with. Marble fits well in almost any home or office while naturally enhancing its beauty and value. It is possibly the most elegant and sophisticated natural stone material.

Granite is a stone with an Earthier look, and it is probably the most popular choice for kitchen countertops It is an igneous rock that comes from deep in the Earthen crust, and it is undoubtedly one of the most versatile gems found in nature. When granite slabs are cut, polished and sealed they becomes resistant to scratches, weathering, staining, etching and heat. These benefits make granite one of the hardest and densest natural stones available. Granite enhances the look, feel, durability, permanence and resale value of a home, restaurant, spa or office. Granite is excellent either as a kitchen countertop or as a flooring material.

Natural stones are overwhelmingly popular for both new and remodeled construction. While there are many nice manmade materials for flooring and counters, they just don’t compare to marble and granite. Marble and granite slabs are one of Mother Nature’s many gifts to mankind.