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Combining Natural Stones To Get The Best Look




Granite and marble are one of the most favored natural stone among builders and homeowners. The sheer elegance of the two natural stones makes the investment on them worthwhile.

Granite and marble have a wide variety of applications apart from their use as kitchen countertop material. A lot of homeowners are using both materials for flooring. Some homeowners are using the materials extensively in landscaping.

Whatever the use of granite and marble, the durability and the hardness of both materials gives them a natural edge over other stones including quartz, limestone and onyx. However, they are also more expensive than the other natural stones.

Marble and granite countertops are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Since both materials are natural stones, each slab of marble and granite is unique. There are bound to be small variations in color and design of each slab. A homeowner who is looking for matching designs should go to the store and pick examine all the pieces before purchasing them.

One of the advantages of installing marble and granite countertops are the value addition they provide to homes. Not only do kitchens look more fabulous when they are built with marble and granite kitchen countertops and floors but the resale value of homes also go up.

One of the latest crazes in kitchen countertop design it to combine different styles and looks. A lot of homeowners are combining granite slabs with quartz tiles for their kitchen countertops. The advantage of quartz is that it is available in a number of colors and designs. Therefore, homeowners have a lot more choice when it comes to colors.

A lot of homeowners who have an L-shaped kitchen counters are using granite or marble for one side of the kitchen countertop and quartz for the other arm. The advantage of this is that it creates a more modern look to the kitchen. In addition, since quartz is cheaper than granite or marble, it brings down the cost of kitchen countertop installation.

Some homeowners who have large kitchen are using granite slabs or marble only for the island and quartz for the remainder of the kitchen countertop. The advantage of this is that quartz does not scratch as easily as granite or marble. It is also more impervious to stains.